What is Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR)?

MTDR is a Managed Security Service (MSS) for cyber threat detection and response that is managed by our 24x7x365 CyberSOC team and supported by our in-house red teaming and penetration testing specialist team.
Our perception towards the defense against any modern day cyber-attacks, organizations need to implement a defense mechanism exactly like an ‘adversary’.
Therefore, the attack simulation or red teaming technique is employed in conjunction with with various threat intelligence gathering methods as the ‘Adversary Defense SecOps Intelligence’ in assessing the latest Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) that potentially used by the threat actors against our protected customers’ environment.
The derived intelligence is utilized to assist our customers in orchestrating the right defense mechanisms and incident response playbooks to protect our customers’ network and cloud infrastructure from the latest cyber threats.


Our Adversary Defense SecOps Intelligence

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. – Sun Tzu

Data is king in threat intelligence and we are your trusted cyber warriors in defense and response. We always believe that the best defense is the best offense. An effective adversary defense is a synthesis of derived human intelligence with practical countermeasures and adaptable security controls to detect, response and prevent. We are using the latest cutting edge technologies and operated by the best cyber warriors to help you to win your cyber security battle even before it comes.

Our SuperPRO ‘Kung Fu’

We practice until we are the best, and practice to remain the best.

Rest assured that you are supported by the best cyber warriors who are certified in threat intelligence, intrusion detection, incident response and penetration testing. Our SuperPRO teams are not just academic pursuers, we are actively participating in HackTheBox, the best and renowned challenge-based platform to measure and compare our skills with the best cyber warriors in the world. Most of our cyber warriors have successfully achieved the ranks of Hacker, Elite Hacker and above. You probably have seen our latest SuperPRO team’s aliases and credentials published at our home page.

Our Modern CyberSOC

Sometimes we have to run into the storm to calm it.

Our Cyber Security Operation Center (CyberSOC) is the place where all our hard-learned and self-taught ‘kung fu’s are applied. You are engaging us not just to get the things right, but to do the right things. We always practice simplicity to solve the most complex problem. Our CyberSOC is operated with a 2-tier threat responder structure and incident management process because sometimes our ‘Sifu’s need to show off their skills too.
Our CyberSOC is certified in ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management System standard, making sure that there are always rules to guide us to do the right thing at the right time and at the right place.